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About us

Coolfund is a community of friends and families that care for one another by giving a token of their pocket money to put a smile on someone’s face.

The program is decentralized, meaning the owners of Coolfund have no profit to share since they don’t have access to any funds. In fact, money is not paid to their account but instead, you will send the money directly to your friend’s bitcoin wallet. So this is not a ponzi scheme it is not any form of investment.

We are creating a safe and reliable way to raise contributions and send gifts. The system aims at making everyone who participates to be rewarded too. So while you are donating to your friends, you can also be rewarded in bitcoins for trying to help. According to the structure of, members of the community should have 12.15 BTC within a short time by a contributive effort. welcomes you to this program and wishes that you enjoy yourself as you put a smile on the faces of others.

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